Do you hear strange noises in the attic, basement or crawl spaces in your home ? Why wait to call a wildlife removal specialist. Raccoons, squirrels, birds or bats might be nesting in your home. Not sure if its a mouse ? We are not just wildlife experts but we also provide full pest control service and extermination. Identifying what we are up against is the first step in treating the problem. Identifying the potential entry points and then the time frame it will take to fully  resolve the issue will be discussed We will come in We are your go to professionals for all your wildlife problems. Our staff is fully trained we offer long and short term solutions to your wildlife problems, we offer non (Invasive/toxic) trapping services and our Total Exclusion Services make us the industry leader in this field. The inspection is free, The consultation is free. Why take a chance, let us help you evict those critters.  Our method is unmatched offering Total Exclusion service for years of protection. Call now 973-928-9500